Begin or grow with us

Welcome to the ITKDC Insurance backed National Guiding Body for Tae Kwon Do and all Martial arts.

We have one aim, that is to help you.

We know this sounds familier but we realy are, we want to re-install the true values of Martial arts.

All memberships will be totally transparent and all instructors will be welcome, all we ask is for you to show that you have the benefits of the students you teach at heart.

We will help you grow and give you any guidence you may seek and above all else we will  truly be there for you as an instructor.

All instructors regardless of badge or group are welcome to be a part of the ITC.

All done not for profit but for unity and safety of all, we all want one TKD but in fact there is already only one TKD and your part of it, we are all brothers and sisters practicing Tae Kwon DO.

We are on facebook to so come see whats going on.


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