Description of Logo

  1. The outer circle represents the never ending aim for peace and harmony.
  2. The inner  2nd circle represents, as an individual or group ones aim for the art should come from within and be guided by ones seniors (The mature circle).
  3. The wording between both circles “International Taekwon-DO council” signifies that its aim to assist the individual/school/groups to help build a more peaceful world, by providing a council of knowledge and excellence.
  4. The calligraphy signifies the council recognises all practitioners of the art as family no matter the badge or group any individual is operating under.
  5. The fists in the centre represent firstly the thanks to General Choi Hong Hi for the art he formalised and the legacy he left for us all to follow.
  6. The fists set out represent  the ground, the physical and the calligraphy of Tae Kwon DO as heaven, ultimately the fist are forward of the physical to show the council is reaching out to all to stow the swords of conflict and to holster them to the hip in unity of family.
  7. The colours of the badge are simple as to be black and white in the councils aims, the yellow of the fists represent the sun (spirit) as a guiding light for all relatives under Tae Kwon and the DO.
  8. The use of calligraphy and English language show respect to the history of Korean endeavours and show unity of family across the world.

    International Tae Kwon DO Council

    ITC Logo


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