Chang Hon Tuls (Patterns)

Chang Hon Tuls

Sometimes mistakenly called ITF Tuls

The ITF is a family of practitioners like any organisation such as the ATKDA, AITF, GTFI, GBTF etc however the first ITF was initially inaugurated by The Founder General Choi Hong Hi.

With the help of many persons such as Grand Master Kwang Duk Chung and FGM Rhee Ki Ha and many more the art was spread around the world.

Below are the Tuls of the Chang Hon Style.

Chon-Ji (To get Yellow tag)

Dan-Gun (To get Yellow Belt)

Do-San (To get Green tag)

Won-Hyo ( To get Green Belt)

Yul-Gok (Green Belt, blue tag/stripe)

Joong-Gun (Blue Belt)

Toi-Gye (Blue Belt, red tag/stripe)

Hwa-Rang (Red Belt)

Choong-Moo (Red Belt, black tag/stripe)

Kwang-Gae (1st. Degree Black Belt)

Po-Eun (1st. Degree Black Belt)

Ge-Baek (1st. Degree Black Belt)

Eui-Am (2nd. Degree Black Belt)

Choong-Jang (2nd. Degree Black Belt)

Ko’ Dang was the original Tul but replaced by Juche (2nd. Degree Black Belt)

Sam-Il (3rd. Degree Black Belt)

Yoo-Sin (3rd. Degree Black Belt)

Choi-Yong (3rd. Degree Black Belt)

Yon-Gae (4th. Degree Black Belt)

Ul-Ji (4th. Degree Black Belt)

Moon-Moo (4th. Degree Black Belt)

So-San (5th. Degree Black Belt)

Se-Jong (5th. Degree Black Belt)

Tong-Il (6th. Degree Black Belt )


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2 Responses to Chang Hon Tuls (Patterns)

  1. Steven Walters says:

    Good Afternoon

    In response to “Ko’ Dang was the original Tul but replaced by Juche (2nd. Degree Black Belt)”.

    Officially yes, the ITF replaced Ko-dang with Juche. However not all Chang-Hon practising organisations made this change. In some cases this is because those organisations had left the ITF before this replacement was made. Therefore there are organisations who still practise Ko-Dang.

    A few years ago I heard that an organisation had renamed (the movements of) Juche as Ko-Dang, so the waters have been muddied a bit here. I’m not sure which organisation this is though.

    On a personal note, I have practiced Ko-Dang and Juche and they are both great patterns.

    • itcoffice says:

      Good day Mr Walters
      Thank you for your comment and quite correct in your words.
      One of the ITF groups did rename and cause confusion.
      However as you say both Tuls are recognised and great to perform and watch.

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