For International Instructors

Hi there
For all Black Belts wishing to teach we can assist you and keep your own identity.

As we can truely help internationaly we welcome youto the International instructor assist page, we trust you will find all the basic information you need to help you get on the way to teaching the art you love.
We welcome all martial art/do instructors from all of the world.
Just let us know how we can help you and we will do so, with the years and knowledge behind the founders we believe we can help guide you to be where you want to be.
Below will be the forms that initialy you will need to complete and thus  provide the legal protection for yourself as an instructor and the students you wish to teach proffesionaly.
The ITC international instructor DBS,CRB application cost’s
ITC.International Disclosure Application
consent form – international
There are a few more forms coming soon to help you with the other minimum recommended requirments for instructors.
International DBS / CRB Forms, Health and safety forms, Certified First Aid course provision, Instructor Certification / Validation.
Although you do not have to be registered with us we will request a few documents to provide any services, this is just to ensure the safety of all.
For full recognition with the ITC as an instructor please feel free to give us a call for further details.
We welcome Masters from all arts to register thier details with us to benefit these arts in unison.
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2 Responses to For International Instructors

  1. Master S.Jayaselan 7th Dan from Malaysia says:

    Hello, Master i would like to know the affiliation and the fee. And also would like to know the black belt certification fee for all the dan. Tq, TAEKWON.

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