International Tae Kwon DO Council

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Welcome to the International Tae Kwon DO Council web information pages.
This Council founded in November 2012 is for the benefit of everyone that is a Martial art instructor or those that want guidance to begin teaching.
This Council will be ran non profit so all members can realise that it is purely about been able to train and work together as a single family that is the Martial art way.
We will assist you in many ways too, just ask and you will be pointed in the best direction.
With many established instructors and Masters been a part of the Council group there will always be a person to assist and guide you.
Badges and affiliations have no standing or political effect here, just true unity is the aim.

How would you benefit by been recognised by us ? Why should you ? Whats in it for the ITC ? Ask us and we will answer, its that simple.

1 Response to About

  1. Gary Brewster says:

    The ITC has got to be one of the best ideas for some time , no politics no hassle just martial artists talking to each other and sharing ideas, brilliant stuff keep up the good work

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